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Steel 7 Wire Strand for Prestressed Concrete (PC Strand)

The wire is made from the stranding of seven wire of high carbon steel wire rods which have been reduced in size required. Nowadays the wire is conventional used in advanced technology and bigger prestressed concrete work such as Hollow core, Post-tension slab, electrical pole, Square pile, Girder and also in government’s infrastructure project: bridge sling, expressway system structure, etc.
The Company is able to manufacture according to every standards such as TIS, BSI, ASTM, JIS, AS/NZS, etc. according to the customer’s need.

Product Applications

•Prestressed Concrete girders.
•Bonded Post-Tensioned Flooring Systems.
•Bonded Post-Tensioned System.
•Hollow-Core Slabs.
•Square Piles.
•Railway Steepers.
Ground and rock anchors.

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